A New Age of Digital Campaigns

Digital Design

At Converge Digital, we design with the end in mind. Every project uses the best research available to ensure your ideal target reaches the end goal of every campaign we design.

Social Media Mangement

Contrary to popular belief, social media isn't child's play - it's serious work for serious professionals. That's why our team uses data-backed practices to get your points across.

Digital Fundraising

Online giving increased by 23% in 2018, for the sixth consecutive year. Converge Digital helps you take advantage of the trend by providing a secure, compliant platform for donations.

Data Management

Every interaction online leaves breadcrumbs of data that can be leveraged. We help you collect those crumbs and organize them so they can be used to your full advantage.

Digital Advertising

Digital ads are one of the best tools available for reaching your targets. We use the best targeting, copywriting, and graphic design to make your ads as efficient as possible.